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Busy Person’s Moment Sunday, April 3rd- Thursday, April 7th

Would you like to sit with someone else to discover where God is in your life? Do you have 30 minutes each day for four days (Monday-Thursday) to find meaning in your life and in your spirituality? Do you want to be re-energized in your faith and in your relationship with God? This on-campus self-paced retreat is for all students, staff, and faculty of all religious faith traditions.

The retreat structure is 30 minutes of personal prayer and reflection and another 30 minutes meeting with a spiritual director, scheduled by you each day, Monday-Thursday, based on your availability.

If you are interested in registering or would like more information please email Tony Krzmarzick at 

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Unfortunately, the person in today’s era is really busy even he/she has no time to remember the God. I am really glad to read out the question which you have provided with the and definitely everyone would love to know the answers of these question. People are so busy to answer your questions but on the other hand you have given them an opportunity to know the answers by attending the event. I am going to register to make sure my presence there.