Wednesday, February 5

Living Out the SND Mission

This lecture is directed towards a small group of faculty and staff and will allow attendees to discover the true mission of the SNDs and the great work they...

Spin Class for Students

Please RSVP using this link to reserve your bike - please bring water and a towel

ECCO Executive Board Meeting

Meeting for ECCO executive board members. Learn more at

Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN: Remembering an Amazon

This panel style event will give the Emmanuel College community an opportunity to hear from Sisters of Notre Dame and faculty members to learn about the life...

Bulletin Board Making

Join the education Board to decorate the bulletin board in G15! Learn more at

General Meeting

This group focuses on providing a venue for conservative political perspectives on campus and focuses on advocating for free speech on college campuses. NeW...

Wednesday, February 5