St. Joseph Hall- Basement

400 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115, USA

Upcoming Events

BSU Presents : Open Mic Night

Open mic night will serve as an event for artists to express themselves through music, poetry, and spoken word during black history month. Learn more at...

2/26 6:30pm
Pep Band Rehearsal

This event is to practice music that we play at campus events throughout the semester. Learn more at

2/27 7:30pm
DIY Hanging String Balls and Friendship Bracelets

Join us for DIY hanging string balls and friendship bracelets! We will have a variety of string to make your own hanging lights for your dorm or friendship...

3/11 7pm
Spring Quilling

Join the Art Club for Spring Quilling! We will have a variety of colored paper to make your own shapes, designs, and spring-inspired quilling creations! We...

3/25 7pm
EC Photo Club General Member Meeting

EC Photo Club's bi-weekly general members meeting. Join us for some photographic fun! Join our email list for information about upcoming events and meeting...

3/28 5pm

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