Roberto Clemente Field

The newly renovated city field located across the street from campus is the home field of Emmanuel's soccer, softball and lacrosse teams and remains open for recreational use.

60 Park Drive (Joseph Lee Playground), Boston, MA 02115

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athletic facility, Athletic Facility, Athletic Facility


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sunny 1/29/2019

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Kiara Willson

Kiara Willson left a positive review 12/7/2018

@Mark Roger: So does that mean we can access routers with this ip address? I always thought that every router has different address.

Aditya Yadav

Aditya Yadav 10/1/2018

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pinnam 9/7/2018

I know about the events.emmanuel blog and updating about perfect campus place is available and remaining teams also. The playground and more facilities around the ground,thanks for sharing.

Roberto Clemente Field

Roberto Clemente Field posted a photo 10/10/2017